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Getting closer to my release date

Here is a sneak peak at one of the stories from my book:

Excerpt from ‪#‎PenetrationForTheMind‬ available 12-4-15

"He took my jacket and requested I remove my shoes as his carpet was freshly cleaned. He leaned me against his doorway wall and removed my shoes for me. Allowing his hands to touch my feet and calves while he removed my shoes and then moving his strong hands up to my thighs and under my dress. I didn’t stop him either. His large hands felt great on my full thighs. I leaned back more, arching my back and pushing my pussy right in his face. He began to kiss my legs and moving my dress up further to kiss my thighs. He moved my panties to the side to reveal my cleaned shaved pussy. He went right in on my clit, pushing my one leg up on his shoulder. His tongue was thick as he licked it slow with precise movement like eating pussy was his passion. I just leaned back more with my eyes closed and enjoyed being his night time snack. As he made me come right there in his doorway, I knew I was his. I wanted to see his dick and take my turn in snacking on him. I needed him to be mine."

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