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Lazy Sundays

It’s been raining all weekend which had me remember a story I wrote called “Rainy Days”. Let me know what you think...

The rain always reminds me of him. The moments we spent holding each other, kissing each other, and touching each other. Oh, how I miss those days. I remember sitting up late nights on the phone, talking until one of us would fall asleep, sending letters expressing how much we missed each other and how we couldn't wait until spring break. This was before the ages of technology. When a letter was sealed with a kiss and you sprayed perfume on the paper so he could smell your scent. I still remember that one Valentine’s Day. We both decided to head home that weekend so we could spend that special time together. Jarell told me he was going to rent a hotel room with some money he saved up from his job on campus. I was so excited to see him after not being together since Christmas break. I took a trip to Victoria Secret to buy a sexy outfit for that night. I had never done that before. A 20 year old college student really doesn't have the money for those things, but thanks to my part-time job I had a little something to spend. Jarell had agreed to pick me up from the bus station since I didn't drive and he had a car. As I came off the bus, he held a dozen red roses in his arms. He held me close and wrapped his strong arms around my waist. I greeted him with a soft kiss to his lips that soon turned into a deep passionate tonguing. We finally came up for air when we realized we were blocking others from the exit. He grabbed my bag and I thanked him for the flowers. As we made it to the hotel, we talked about how our semesters were going. When he opened the door at the hotel, I saw rose peddles all over the bed, a bottle of champagne, although we weren't really old enough to drink, and he turned on slow sensual music. Jarell even had a present wrapped on the table in a small jewelry box. He made me feel like the luckiest girl to have a man so romantic and loving. I told him to give me a moment while I get his present ready. I went into the bathroom took a quick shower and put on a red sexy lace bra and pantie set that I had bought. As I came out the bathroom, we drank some of the champagne. I told him to get undress and lie down on the bed. I told him I wanted to try something new and different. He was all smiles and did what I had asked. I told him to put his hands above his head as I took out the soft furry cuffs I had borrowed from a dorm friend and a blind fold. He had this surprised look on his face, but he said that he trusted me and wanted to be sure I was satisfied this weekend. I put the blindfold over his eyes and began to kiss him deeply. As he began to try to move his arms from above his head, I quickly took a leather whip and slapped him lightly on the wrist. I told him he would not touch me until I said he could. I told him to address me as Miss only. As I moved his hands back above his head, I removed my panties and returned to the bed to sit on his face. I made him eat my pussy until I came all over his face. I whispered in his ear if he enjoyed my flavor. He said, “Yes, Miss very much.” I looked at his dick and saw that is was slightly hard. As I took the leather whip and ran it up and down his thigh, I saw his dick jump a bit. As I moved my head toward his thighs I lightly bit the inner parts licking and biting getting closer to his balls. Not touching anywhere else on his body. He began to moan begging me to take his dick in my mouth. I then went back to his chest and bit his nipples slightly. Watching his reaction was turning me on so much. Hearing his moans and begging me to take his dick in my mouth was just what I wanted him to do. I stopped with the torture and did what he wanted. I quickly took his dick, now hard and throbbing, in my mouth. Spitting on it and sucking it making him moan with delight. When I knew he was close to orgasm, I stopped. I told him that he could not cum just yet. I unlocked to handcuffs and took off the blind folds. I told him I needed him to bend me over on the chair. He did as he was told. As he bent me over, He grabbed the back of my hair lightly and began to give me his dick deep and slow. Making sure I felt every inch of him, torturing me with pleasure knowing that I wanted him to fuck me harder. I began to beg for him to give it to me harder. He kept his slow pace until I cried out for him to take my pussy. He moved me to the bed and told me to get on my knees. As he got a good position behind me, he entered me again. This time it was harder and deeper just how I wanted him. He began to fuck me until it felt like he was going to go through me and I cried out to him that I was cumming. He kept his pace and with one hard pound his cum was then all over my ass as he quickly pulled out to release his creamy substance. I fell to the bed breathing quickly and hard and the heard the rain fall hard on the windows. Oh that sound of rain always brings me back to those memories of him all those years ago.   

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