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Expect the Unexpected

Excerpt from Penetration for the Mind available now on Amazon, iTunes &

As she walked into the room, all eyes were on her. All the men and some of the women were hypnotized by her caramel complexion, her soft full lips, her seductive eyes, and her womanly shape. Her confidence filled the room and she loved all the attention. Her smile spoke before she even opened her mouth. It said, “Love me or hate me I’m still beautiful.” Although she had the attention of the room, her attention was only on “Him”. She loved the look he gave her as she approached him at the bar. His eyes smiled as he embraced her with a long strong hug kissing her cheek and lightly grabbing her ass. He had already ordered her a drink, sweet red wine to start off the evening. She waited all week for this night. They both had busy schedules and planned a special weekend getaway. As they waited for their table, she felt the eyes of a young beautiful chocolate woman watching them. She smiled and whispered in his ears that they had an audience. She imagines the young stranger joining her in pleasing “Him”. She asked the bar tender to send the woman another of whatever she was drinking and to ask if she wanted to join them for dinner. She thought she would take a chance tonight and see where things may go. She had very good instincts when it came to attractions to her or her man. The hostess came to announce that their table was ready just as the beautiful stranger walked over to them to accept their invitation. She asked the waitress if there was room for three at their table and the waitress informed them they had a booth so there was plenty of room. The beautiful stranger introduced herself as “Diamond”. During dinner, the couple and their new friend got to know each other. They had enjoyed the food, the drinks, and the conversation. After dinner, the couple invited Diamond to a nearby club for some dancing. Diamond was enjoying herself so she didn’t see why not to continue the night. She was very attracted to both parties. She thought that the woman was simply beautiful and has a contagious smile. She thought the man was very handsome and loved his dark skin tone. She imagined eating the woman’s pussy while she got her pussy ate by the man. At the club, Diamond and the caramel skin woman danced and drank while he watched them. He enjoyed how sexy the ladies looked dancing, shaking their asses, grinding on each other, and kissing each other. He felt his dick get hard just thinking about tasting Diamond while his woman sucked on his hard dick. As it got later, the caramel woman asked Diamond back to their hotel they were staying at 10 minutes away. Diamond agreed and he drove them to their hotel with the women in the back kissing and touching each other. As they arrived in their suite, Diamond helped undress the woman and herself kissing each revealing body part she uncovered on the woman. As he watched the women enjoy each other, he stripped down to his boxers. The women laid down on the bed exploring each other bodies as he sat in a chair watching. Diamond looked up and told “Him” to come join in. As he walked over, both of the women sat up and his woman pulled out his hard dick. Diamond quickly pulled down his boxers and started sucking his balls while his woman took him deep in her mouth. The women became in sync sucking and licking on him. He told his woman he wanted to watch her eat Diamond’s pussy. Diamond sat back on the bed and watched her sexy lover eat her pussy. As Diamond was getting orally satisfied, he began to eat his woman's pussy from the back. As both of the women climaxed, Diamond let out a loud moan that she was coming and he soon joined his lover in tasting Diamond juices. Diamond wanted to taste her sexy lover sweet pussy so she told her to lay back. Diamond began to taste her lover as he got behind her and began to fuck her pussy. Diamond could tell that he had put on a condom because she knew the difference of raw sex. She enjoyed his length and width. The deeper he went the more she licked and sucked her lover. The women moaned from their sexual stimulation they were receiving. As Diamond came on his dick, her lover squirted in her mouth. The couple sucked and fucked Diamond all night making sure she was completely satisfied. As the group fell asleep with Diamond in the center, Diamond was happy that her date had stood her up. She didn't expect a night like this. She originally was going to the restaurant for a blind date. That night was one unexpected and exciting. 

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