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Her Drug

His smell was my aphrodisiac. I was ready to wrap my legs around his waist as soon as he entered my presence. His smile was hypnotizing. As soon as he showed his teeth, I was ready to do whatever he said. His eyes were magnetic. With one look, it was instant attraction and I wanted to feel his dick deep inside my warm moist pussy while staring into those eyes. Every day we spent apart felt like weeks. The problem was I never meant to feel like this for this man. It was supposed to be just sex and maybe happen just a few times. Now, I am lying in bed 6 months later imaging his face between my thighs while I squeeze my nipples and watching him lick me until I come on his tongue. Six months after our first fuck, I am wishing we never met because the physical attachment I have is too much to bare. I can’t be attached to someone who doesn’t belong to me. I felt stupid for thinking maybe he would change his mind and want more or maybe I could just go with the flow and enjoy the moment. “Whatever happens, happens.” I continued to tell myself. I even tried to date other men. I tried to keep myself busy to avoid texting or calling him begging to have more of him like I was on some drug. His sex was addicting but what was more enticing was his personality. He brightened up a room when he walked in. He was young, handsome, talented, intelligent, and ready to take on the world. I was drawn to artistic men. Probably because I was a Pisces and an artist myself. But the creativity and commitment to his craft was a turn on. Whenever I saw him create the characters in his movies and plays, I saw a new man born. He embodied passion. When we connected, our sex was just as passionate. I was like the stars in the sky. As the sky became darker, the stars shined brighter. The more our bodies connected the better the sex became. A sexual connection with a magnetic mental connection made for one addicting feeling. The only bad thing was he didn’t want anything more than the physical. When can the sexual chemistry match the emotional stages? I guess that’s why it was doomed before it ever started. Oh, that drug he called his dick was one hell of a ride while it lasted. If only I didn’t want more, love and family, maybe we could have been.  

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