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Weekend Lover

It’s been months since Terry last saw Kevin. Kevin was in the military and met Terry while he was on leave. He had return home for the holidays and the first thing he wanted was to see her again. The last time Kevin felt a woman was when he was with her. He missed her kisses, touches, the softness of her skin, and the taste of her juices. They had set a date for Friday night at 8pm. He had planned to treat her to dinner at a four star restaurant and then a walk by the water near the dock where they lived. Terry was so excited to see Kevin. They had chatted over the internet and video chatted many nights since they met. She wanted to feel his lips all over her.  As she showered while preparing for her date, she imagined Kevin in the shower with her. She imagined him washing her back as the soap dripped down the crack of her shapely ass. The hot water against her breast had her imaging his strong hands playing with her nipples. She soon found herself with her eyes closed and her fingers going in and out of her pussy as she finger fucker herself. She imagined Kevin’s dick inside of her wet pussy while she was bent over leaning against the shower wall. Kevin was right on time when he came to pick up Terry for their date. He was anxious to get past all the dinner and small talk and to just get to the sex part because it had been too long since he had been with a woman. He enjoyed talking and getting to know Terry over the past few months but he really needed the feel of a woman. When Terry opened the door, she invited Kevin in so she could finish getting ready. She still needed to put on her jewelry and decide on a pair of shoes to wear with her little black dress. She opened the door and saw a dozen roses. Kevin gave her a big hug and told her how beautiful she looked. Terry was so turned on by his presence that she thanked him for the flowers and compliment with a big hug and even bigger kiss. As they kissed, their tongues entangled one another and his hands grabbed her luscious ass. He squeezed her tight and pulled her close. Terry felt his hard dick through the black dress pants he wore which made her pussy soak through the thong she had on. As Kevin kissed her deeply, Terry wrapped her arms around his head. Kevin pulled up Terry’s dress to discover the thong she wore. He moved his hand between her thighs and felt the wetness from her pussy. He moved her thong to the side and slipped a finger in her warm wetness. He used his fingers to massage her clit as they continued to kiss. At this point, neither one of them was thinking about eating any food. Terry began to massage Kevin’s dick through his pants. She discovered he wasn’t wearing any underwear. As she unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor, his big thick dick was let free. She wanted to taste him. Terry stopped kissing Kevin and fell to her knees. She started to take him in her mouth. She kissed and licked all around the shaft. Kevin jerked a bit almost losing his footage while Terry started sucking him slow and taking his long dick as far as possible in her throat. She sucked and made his dick dripping wet. Kevin moaned and told Terry he thought about her all the time and wanted to have her in every sexual way possible. He grabbed her head and began to move his hips to the rhythm of how Terry was sucking him. He pumped his hips to feed Terry his dick. She grabbed Kevin’s ass while she took him deep in his mouth making her choke on his dick. Kevin was ready to cum in Terry’s mouth. She sucked and felt his dick get harder. He told her he was close to coming and Terry kept a slow steady motion as Kevin let out a loud moan. She continued to suck and swallowed all of his sweet cum making sure nothing dripped out. Kevin leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor next to Terry. They both smiled and he said he was hungry. Terry began to fix her dress so that they could continue on with their dinner plans but Kevin pulled her close and began to kiss her deeply. He whispered in her ear and said, “I want to taste you.” Terry laid back on the floor and allowed Kevin to remove her thong and pull her dress back up. Right there by the front door, Kevin eased his tongue deep into her pussy licking and sucking her clit until Terry came hard on his tongue. They never made it to the restaurant. They ended up ordering take out that night and spent the rest of the weekend enjoying making each other cum.  

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