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Their Love Language

His words are intellectual her words are sexual, when they intertwine they become sensual more mental to make their attraction more than physical but emotional. They moved from lust to intimacy to the possibility of loving each other unconditionally. As they continue to move from physical attraction to connecting emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, their words and body intertwine wrapped tight to become their own language, their own message to the world.  No need to flaunt their relationship on these social media sites as the world which exists in reality knows and hears their words and hearts beating in sync. It’s like the after math of a hot steamy love making session. You both are breathing heavy and hear your hearts beating fast together. As their heart beats become in sync, their thoughts began to do the same. Both longing for each other, to hold one another as it provides comfort and a feeling that can’t be explained. No sex, no words, just the presence of their bodies, minds, and spirits. That’s their language, his intellectual words mixed with her sexual words to become as they choose to be. 

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