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Broken Heart

Her heart had been broken many times over and that caused her to stop trusting men. Her heart put up walls so that she would no longer feel pain that the last man caused her. She lost 10 years of her life in that relationship and not to mention thousands of dollars taking care of the man she thought she loved and she thought loved her. She believed if she just gave him time he would eventually notice her love and ask her to be his wife, but she was very wrong. He called her a month ago to tell her he was getting married to another woman in Las Vegas. He had secretly been dating another woman for a year now, and she was blind to his ways. She was in deep depression since his call of eloping. She only went to work because she had to pay her bills or else she would stay in bed all day crying her eyes out. She ordered food out of her home. She didn’t want to see anyone she knew because she didn’t want to answer the many questions about her ex-boyfriend. She avoided social media and only answered her phone for her mom and best friend of 20 years. Her best friend was like a brother to her. They met in middle school and had went to college together. He had been there for her through all the heart breaks over the years. Her best friend knew everything about her. He called her that Saturday morning to invite her out for the evening. He knew she was still mourning the relationship, and he was going to do his best to make her laugh and smile. Only with a lot of begging and pleading, she finally agreed to go out to a comedy show and then dancing after. She felt unattractive and didn’t even know what to wear that night. It took her 2 hours to decide on a basic black dress. She barely wore makeup so that night she only wore black eyeliner and mascara with some red lipstick. Once they got to the club where the comedy show was taking place, she let the comedians take over her mind. Most of them were really funny. As they introduced the last comedian, her attention peaked even more. This comedian was very handsome. He was also very funny. She hadn’t laughed like that in years. Her bestie was so happy to see she was enjoying the night. After the chocolate skin comedian ended his set the music began and the dance floor of the club lit up. When Mr. Chocolate, the name she created for the comedian, left her sight, she began to go back to the thoughts of her ex-boyfriend and told her friend she was ready to go. He told her she had to at least get a few dances in before they headed home. He told her to sit still while he went to get more drinks. She began looking at pictures on her phone of the happier times she remembered of her ex. She heard a deep voice say to her, “I hope you’re not that bored in here where you are playing games on your phone.” She knew the voice belonged to the comedian who had just finished performing. She quickly looked up to see Mr. Chocolate standing next to her with a huge white smile. He was even more attractive up close. His skin was smooth like dark chocolate. She had such a sweet tooth for chocolate. She just wanted to take a lick to see how he tasted. She cleared her throat and told him how much she enjoyed his performance. She introduced herself as Erica. He said he was glad that she could make it to the show and then gave her a business card with his website and phone number. He told her the number was for booking contacts and the best way to reach him for tickets to his shows or any other needs he could help her with. As her bestie was returning with their drink, Mr. Chocolate disappeared in the crowd on the dance floor. Erica and her bestie stayed for about another 30 minutes. She danced until she was sweaty and her feet began to hurt from her heels. Her bestie drove her home. She was happy she had agreed to go out tonight because it took her mind away from her sad life. Find out what happens next with Erica and Mr. Chocolate in Penetration for the Mind on sale now available for e-books, paperback or hardcover format on iTunes,,, and  

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