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I always had slow and sensual sex with my husband. He would softly kiss me all over my body taking each nipple in his mouth to lick it. I enjoyed each and every moment, but I wanted more. Sometimes when I was alone, I would watch these free porn sites on the internet. I imagined being pushed down and my clothes ripped off while a big strong man choked me and spanked me while pushing his dick deep in my pussy. I wanted to do that kind of sex that had me out of breath after we were finished. I wanted him to put my ass to sleep and have me waking up sore from our activities.

One night, I was out with my girlfriend at this new lounge for drinks, I saw him watching me as I laughed and drank with my girl. I pretended I didn’t notice him until he came over to us and introduced himself. His name was Tyson. He had that bad boy look with the sexiest mysterious eyes plus tattoos on his arms and neck. I wanted him at that moment to take me into the bathroom and bend me over. He bought us a round of drinks and I flirted a bit. I mentioned I was married during our conversations and he said my husband was a lucky man. All I could think of was if he could fuck me like that man I saw on the internet. His hands and feet were big. He was 6’4” nice muscular built. I could tell he liked to be in charge in the bedroom by his assertive aura. He offered to walk me and my girlfriend to our car since it was pretty late as the lounge was about to close. As we approached our car, he reached out his hand to shake mine and passed me a card with his number.

I never cheated on my husband before. We have been married for three years and I was so bored with our everyday routine I was now thinking of doing just that. As I drove home, all I could think about was Tyson. His eyes said that he wanted me and when he gave me his number I knew that I was correct. I was contemplating calling him to meet up with him now. I pulled up to my girlfriend house and dropped her off. I sat in my car looking at his number. As I dialed, I was nervous as hell. He probably was already home and in bed. He probably had someone to go home to. Then I heard a sexy deep voice answer. I thought about hanging up. How could I cheat with this stranger? It might be good that it is with a stranger. It would be just this one time and I could get this fantasy out my head. I spoke softly and told him who I was. He was excited that I called so soon. He invited me over to his place because he had just walked in his door. He gave me the address which actually wasn’t too far from my girlfriend's apartment.

As I walked into his home, he met me at the door wearing just a pair of shorts and a tank. I could see the muscles through his shirt. I walked up to him and he hugged me tightly. He smelled of fresh soap on his body, so I knew he just showered. He closed the door behind me and led me straight to his bedroom which wasn’t far from his door. As we moved toward his room, he grabbed my ass and kissed me on my neck slightly biting me. I grabbed his dick through his shorts which was hard and large. I was ready to feel him deep in my pussy. When we entered his room, he pushed me against his wall and grabbed my breast through my shirt rubbing my nibbles. He told me to take off my clothes. I did as he wanted. Standing now naked as he smiled at me with those sexy eyes. I told him I wanted him to be aggressive with me. I told him I needed him to fuck me hard and good. He grabbed my waist and turned me so I was leaning face against the wall. He told me to bend over. As I did what he wanted, I felt him smack my ass so hard that it stung for a few seconds. He put on a condom and pushed his big thick dick in my wet pussy. It hurt so much because he was a lot bigger than my husband. He didn’t go slowly he put it in fast and started fucking me hard. After a few more pumps with me leaning against the wall, he moved me to his bed. He sat me down and pushed his dick in my face. He told me to open my mouth and suck. He slapped my face and when I opened my mouth he stuck his dick deep in my throat until I was gagging. I don’t know why, but this turned me on even more. I was sucking him like the woman did in the porno I saw. I had spit coming out of my nose and mouth and he loved it. He pushed me back to lay on the bed, and held my legs far apart. As he entered me again, I felt him deep in my pussy. He grabbed my neck choking me and fucking me. I loved every moment. I came so hard when he was choking me. I left his home after we were done about 4am. I was tired as hell and glad that my husband was out of town for the weekend for business. When I got home, I showered and slept until about 2pm when I heard my phone ringing. Months went by and I never called Tyson again. He did call me the next day, but I just ignored his call. I did not want to start an affair with him although that would have been extremely easy to do. I got what I wanted that night and that was it.


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