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Here's a little about who Author Sonya Lindsay is

Sonya is a full time mother, with a full time 9-5 job outside of her passion for writing. She grew up in Chester, PA. She began her writing experience by doing a blog online call "Penetration for the Mind" on Tumblr. As readers engaged into her writing, many gave great feedback by showing more interest in a possible book 2014. She quickly began working on her first novel, Penetration for the Mind, which is a collection of fictional erotic short stories.


Ever since Sonya was a teenager, she enjoyed reading which included authors such as Omar Tyree, Eric Jerome Dickey, Terry McMillan and Zane to name a few. Their books were like movies and each page kept the reader wanting more. The first book by an African American writer she owned was FLY GIRL which was given to her as a high school graduation gift by her later brother. She fell in love with the character because she saw a reflection of herself as a young woman starting college. Sonya enjoyed each authors’ ability to write about more than just relationships, but also their books brought mysteries and suspense mixed with love and sex.


Her own inspiration to write comes from personal experiences and fantasies as well as certain situations that can be seen on TV and social media. Society today has become very sexual and more open to sexuality. Many people today use social media as an outlet to express their thoughts. She uses her writing in ways to express her thoughts and to be more open. The characters in her writing are created from the point of view of the readers. She wants the readers to be able to picture themselves as the woman or man in the stories and for the character to come to life in their minds. Even inspire them to be more open and creative within their own lives and sexual experiences.

Currently her books Mind Games and Penetration for the Mind can be purchased through several online websites such as,,,, and also available on iTunes books for any Apple users.

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