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Be My Valentine

Have you read my book Mind Games yet? Here is an excerpt from the first story: After dinner was done, we went back into the living room area and I put on some music. We finished off 2 bottles of wine and talked more. He was so sexy. I stared into those hazel eyes and he kissed me. His lips were soft and I wanted to feel them in other places on my body. As we kissed, I began to unbutton his shirt. He wore a button up red shirt, gray dress pants, and black dress shoes. This man’s chest was hard. I could feel all his muscles through his shirt. I wanted to run my tongue all over his chest leaving traces of my red lipstick on every section I kissed. I kicked off my shoes once I got his shirt open. He took off his shirt and I told him to remove his tank. I pushed him back on the couch and straddle him. I begin to kiss on his neck and moved from there to his chest, to his stomach, and his upper groin area. I could see and feel the imprint of his hard dick. I looked up and smiled as he watched me kiss on him. He told me how sexy I was and how he had wanted me ever since he came to my table at the restaurant. I traced his six pack abs with my tongue and kissed him softly around that area that makes a V shape around his hips. I always loved that area of a man. I began to unbutton his pants to release his hard dick. He pulled me up to stop me. He said he wanted to have his dessert first before anything else happened. He sat up and kissed me again. He picked me up off his lap and sat me on the couch. He pulled my dress up and saw my thongs. He pulled them off with his teeth and began to explore my wetness with his tongue. I just sat back and allowed him to lick every drop of my sweet candy. I began to moan as he brought me closer to my orgasm. My legs stiffened, my back arched, my body began to shake, and I felt that sensation come over me as I exploded on his tongue. He sucked and licked my sweet juices. I told him that I needed him. He got up and picked me up from the couch. I directed him to my room where I had candles burning. He put me down and undressed me. He told me to lay on my stomach and began to kiss me on the back of my neck down to my thighs. He told me to arch my back and open my legs. I did as I was told. I felt his thick wet tongue on the crack of my ass. He kissed my ass grabbing each cheek. He then licked in between my cheeks and put his finger in my pussy. As he ate my ass and played with my pussy, I got lost in the feeling. I couldn’t believe what I was doing with this man I had just met on Valentine’s Day. I ended up with a Valentine’s date which was not the plan. Order your book now to see what happens next. Available on Amazon, iTunes, Kindle, Nook,, and other ebook formats 

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